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The hipbone connected to the leg bone.
The leg bone connected to the foot bone..
The foot bone connected to the toe bone…

And that’s what we have here.The Perfect match of pieces and parts, REGARDLESS of how BIG, MEAN, NASTY or MILD thay night be the be the Perfect biend of these factors will yield the most powerful, reliable And REWARDING results that is possible to achieve. Making any money spentbe WORTH the investment.

Many parts of the Internal combustlon engine are susceptible  to flilure. but one of the most susceptible is the connecting rod. The econnecting rod  transfers energy from the enging. to  the crankshaft, and ultimately to the final drive mechanisms. 

Connecting rod is the vital component of the engine whice converts reciprocating motion of piston into rotary motion of crankahaft to move tha vehicle.

Probably it receives the highest stresses of any bottom and engine component. The forces the rod receive when the piston direction reverses from top dead center can be very high. This is why MB connecting rods are forged from the finest premium quality SAE-8620 alloy steel for strength.

The company has been awarded ISO-9001:2000 certlficate by TUV suddeuischland india Pvt. ltd (Germany) for Quality product manufacturing and perfect management system.

Closer Tolerances and pride in workmanship, along with strict quality control are what makes MB connecting rods the only  logical choice for serious users. No other manufacturer will hold the close machining tolerances in manufacturing that MB does.

MB rods are manufactured using the most accurate, state-of-the-art equipment. MB connecting rods are CNC machined.  Our manufactured Process takes advantage of the CNC’s capability in that the rod is built around the actual center to center distance. Here a MB machinist is operating one of MB’s Haas, (America) CNC machining centers in which rods undergo several anufacturing operations.

With over 20 years in the performance industry, MB has established a reputation as being one of the best producing quality performance products, especially connecting rod. We’ve combined what we learned at he track with our engineering department to develop products that give both performance and value.

Additionally, MB Engineering puts overriding emphasis on quality through testing, inspection and manufacturing process controls.

We have been forwarding with efforts on our staffs as well as investing the superior machines since we were established in 1984 to make the quality of our products reach the high international standards whose accuracy is limited within Rmax 0.8 P for the surface texture, event it is 3 m maximum only for the tolerance of both of inside diameter and roundness.

MB is proud to be flag in introducing LAPPING in Connectingrod to achieve Micro finishing and perfect roundness.

The goal of Microfine Auto Parta Pvt. Ltd. Is always to Pursuit the best satisfaction for customers, the best development for employees and the best contribution for society.

With the backing if a large customer base, Microfine Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. Can proudly claim to be one of the best manufacturers in India. The customer is the essence of enterprise, We try to meet the requirements of our customers, to offer the best service we can do and to grow with our customer together.